All Occasion Rentals is a full service event planning and party rental company.

Charity, Donations and Discounts for our local Community

We have a high volume of requests that we receive on a daily basis.

Using this procedure and filling out the Donation request is the best and fastest way to present your event to our review board. It will be properly evaluated to see if it fites our monthly donation/discount budget.


Applications should be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to your event to be placed on our monthly meeting agenda. You will receive a written decision within 4 weeks prior to your event.


Our application process is brief and specific, fill out the form COMPLETELY, include a cover letter and or flyer highlighting your intentions and your goals.


We have resonable expectations that will afford us opportunities to develop furture business with either attendees or supporters of your event. Any assurances that you can provide this opportunity will enhance our decision making process.


Donation Discount Request form Click Here


After filling out your Donation/discount request; email it to